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Using Prebuilt Data Models? You Should Be

In 1978, LEGO introduced a brand new line of construction sets branded LEGO Space. The sets in the series included parts and features built for science fiction adventure and were among the first to include the now-iconic LEGO minifigure. Winning toy of the year in Germany and the UK in 1979, LEGO Space helped drive […]

The Benefits of Solutions Offering Open-Source Libraries of Transformation and Mapping Logic

How can I develop useful machine learning algorithms on complex data sets and models – without the heavy lift of engineering everything from scratch? Generative AI represents a step-change increase in the speed of analysis, but the utility of even the best GenAI tools are still constrained by the quality of the data and data […]

Harnessing the Power of a Composable Data Platform: A Retailer’s Guide to Holiday Readiness

For most retailers, the holiday season is their busiest time of year. It’s when they have their largest number of transactions and their largest sales dollars. As consumers head to physical and online stores to purchase gifts, decorations, and more, a massive influx of data is generated. This surge in data across all areas of […]

Winning Brands Operate on Shared Understanding of Data

Define Your Data Early and Completely to Unify and Align Departments and Teams In the science fiction drama Arrival, linguist Dr. Louise Banks discovers that (spoiler alert!) the language shared by visiting aliens is a rosetta stone that unites Earth’s global powers by enabling shared understanding across countries and cultures. This shared language provides a […]

What Drives D2C Brand Valuations?

$50M on $1.4B Customer equity is the north star of every consumer brand. This is true even for brands still operating primarily as wholesale suppliers to the retail channel. They may not understand or fully appreciate yet that the enterprise value of any consumer business is simply a multiple of (end) customer equity — but […]

Predictive Commerce, the Future for Consumer Brands

Book Stacks Unlimited launched in 1992, three years before Jeff Bezos launched Amazon.com. Selling new books, Book Stacks began as a dial-up bulletin board located in Cleveland. It moved to the Internet as Books.com in 1994. At age 25, ecommerce is adulting. Like rising stars climbing corporate ladders, brands today confront a relentless workload, steep […]

With Hyperelastic Fulfillment, D2C Brands Make the Last Mile a First Priority

There’s a new twist to the revolution happening in retail, and direct-to-consumer brands are driving the change by taking a page directly from Amazon’s playbook. It has profound implications for urban landscapes as consumer buying behavior continues to shift from large format stores to showrooms, online commerce and doorstep delivery. In September we wrote about […]

Episode 6: Rainbow Shops — Unlocking a Decade of Commerce Data to Drive Shopper Experience

David Cost VP OF DIGITAL & ECOMMERCE, RAINBOW SHOPS David Cost discusses why Rainbow Shops decided to replatform to Shopify and how SoundCommerce helps unify over eight years of commerce data to drive shopper experience. Watch Now In this episode you will learn from David: You can subscribe to the SoundCommerce Podcast on Spotify, iTunes and […]

Episode 5: Ryan Mason, Director of DTC Growth & Strategy, Constellation Brands

Ryan Mason DIRECTOR OF DTC GROWTH & STRATEGY, CONSTELLATION BRANDS Ryan Mason discusses navigating and transforming the direct-to-consumer wine & spirits industry. TL;DR Sip, Sip, Hooray! In this episode you will learn from Ryan: Subscribe to the SoundCommerce Podcast on Spotify, iTunes and Stitcher to ensure that you do not miss any upcoming episodes. Q&A Eric […]

Episode 4: Mandy Lozano, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer of MiiR

Mandy Lozano CHIEF STRATEGY & MARKETING OFFICER, MIIR MiiR CSMO Mandy Lozano discusses how she applies her past experience in growth ventures at consumer-brand leaders Nestle and Starbucks to stay true to MiiR’s identity, serve MiiR customers in an authentic way, and grow the business across wholesale, retail and direct-to-consumer (DTC) ecommerce channels. In this […]

Episode 3: Majed Masad, Cofounder of Mejuri

Majed Masad COFOUNDER & COO, MEJURI Maj Masad discusses building a modern day direct-to-consumer jewelry company with Noura Sakkijha. In this episode you will learn how Maj: Subscribe to the SoundCommerce Podcast on Spotify, iTunes and Stitcher to ensure that you don’t miss any upcoming episodes! Q&A Eric Best: 00:00 SoundCommerce is a real time and […]

Episode 2: Nonie Creme, Cofounder of BeautyGarde

Nonie Creme COFOUNDER, BEAUTYGARDE Nonie Creme discusses the launch of her latest consumer brand and first digitally native DTC ecommerce company, BeautyGarde. TL;DR nails and lashes! In this episode you will learn from Nonie: You can subscribe to the SoundCommerce Podcast on Spotify, iTunes and Stitcher to ensure that you do not miss any upcoming episodes. […]