SoundCommerce Platform Features and Benefits

First-Party Data for a Cookieless World

Accelerate your adoption of the modern data stack with tools and features that make it easy to model, analyze and activate data across retail functions; marketing, merchandising and operations.

SoundCommerce handles the complexities of ETL and data modeling so you can analyze and activate your campaign, customer, order, product and fulfillment data faster — and with lower cloud and engineering costs.

Easy no-code query tool enabled by Generative AI

Query and analyze your data using easy natural language prompts

Predefined data sets for analysis and orchestration that can be customized

Customized reporting with no-code drill-down for non-technical users

Advanced deterministic omnichannel customer matching and deduplication

Primary key for model joins with external data sets, e.g., behavioral cookie events

Predict future revenue and profit for customers and customer segments

Scoring named customer future value potential

Segmentation by customer value tiers

Segments and more

Easy no-code query tool

Structured actionable lists of customers, products, orders, and more

Performance optimization starts with accurate campaign tracking data

Accurate and complete attribution modeling

Reconcile discrepancies across ad channels and analytics

Resolve inconsistent source, medium and campaign naming

Spans order lifecycle, from ad campaign to transaction to fulfillment to delivery

Spans customer lifecycle from first purchase over the entire customer lifetime relationship

Works across acquisition marketing, retention marketing, and retail operations to drive visibility and collaboration