For Retailers by Retailers

Built for Retail…

The SoundCommerce platform was imagined and built from our personal experiences leading retail brands.

From complex digital marketing analysis to the intersection of product merchandising, order economics and customer lifetime value, the SoundCommerce platform and data models are purpose built for your complex ecommerce or omnichannel retail business.

Take advantage of our hands-on retailing experience to reduce the time, cost and risk of high-confidence decision making.

…On the Modern Data Stack.

Applying decades of hands-on data infrastructure experience gained at, CommerceHub, Magento, and Salesforce, we built our data platform to address real-world data concerns in practical ways.

The SoundCommerce platform is fully integrated with the modern data stack including Snowflake and BigQuery cloud data warehouses, DBT modeling tools, Sigma, Looker and Tableau business intelligence, and modern activation / reverse ETL tooling like Census and HighTouch.