Retail Data Models

SoundCommerce Core

Omnichannel Transactions

Unify order transaction data from all channels to build an omnichannel picture of order lifecycle and profitability — from first click to store and doorstep.

  • Brick & mortar POS, owned commerce carts and 3P marketplaces
  • Complete accounting of variable costs including ad spend, discounts, CoGS fulfillment and shipping
  • Contribution profit tie-out for every order and shopper
  • Order lifecycle awareness including cancellations, returns and fulfillment exceptions

SoundCommerce Campaign

Acquisition Marketing

Connect digital marketing, web analytics, ecommerce shopping carts and POS systems to measure ad spend, revenue, ROAS, customer CLV/CAC and profitability.

  • Collect ad spend and order data directly from source system APIs for penny-accurate daily accounting of spend, revenue, orders and revenue
  • Determine new and repeat customer behavior based on first-party shopper profiles rather than cookies and tags
  • Shift your advertising success metrics and strategy from revenue-per-order to profit-per-shopper to maximize profitable growth

SoundCommerce Customer

Retention Marketing

Combine shopper purchase history, email and SMS campaigns, site and promotions engagement and loyalty programs to understand lifetime value and build activation-ready profiles and segments.

  • Unify offline and online shopper engagement and purchase history
  • Build omnichannel contribution profitability profiles for every shopper net of advertising, promotions, CoGS and fulfillment
  • Track actual contribution profit lifetime value and forecast contribution profit value for shopper propensity scoring and targeting
  • Expose extended shopper attributes for advanced segmentation and activation

SoundCommerce Merchandising

Products & Promotions

Combine unified views of item master product SKUs, categories and promotions with digital marketing and retail operations data to understand merchandising assortment and offer performance on shopper behavior and profitability.

  • Reconcile product item master data across store, ecommerce and marketplace channels
  • Measure order performance and shopper engagement through the lens of product and promotional offer performance
  • Measure advertising campaign and sales channel performance by product SKU, category and promotion

SoundCommerce Operations

Omnichannel Fulfillment

Connect ERP, OMS, WMS, 3PLs, carriers, and store platforms to track order lifecycle, order profitability and shopper experience from conversion to doorstep delivery.

  • Track orders from origination (ecommerce cart or store POS) through order processing, fulfillment (pick / pack), shipment and delivery
  • Measure the revenue and profit impact of order lifecycle events like cancellations, returns, split-shipments, BOPIS, BORIS and late deliveries
  • Measure the impact of operational events and exceptions on shopper experience and behavior

Models are available standalone and in combination for dimensional analysis and data activation.

Each model ties back to the individual product, order and shopper profiles provided by the core order transaction model.

Every retail function can access shared metrics across the entire order lifecycle and shopper journey.

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