The Security, Integrity, and Accessibility of Your Business Data Is Our Highest Priority

SoundCommerce is designed to keep your business data and all personally identifiable information secure.

The SoundCommerce platform is specifically architected using industry best practices for data privacy and security. The SoundCommerce platform is cloud-based to provide a secure and easy-to-use composable data platform exclusively for retailers. You can easily set user permissions that fit your company’s policies and practices.


SoundCommerce is a SOC 2 Type 2 certified cloud software platform. SOC 2 Type 2 compliance ensures that SoundCommerce securely and comprehensively manages data and data processes to protect the interests of our customers while upholding the privacy and security of the consumers our customers serve.


Security Features

Data Security

SoundCommerce uses robust encryption to ensure the extracted data and values are protected both in transit from your servers to ours and while your data is at rest on our cloud servers. We are committed to protecting our customers’ data and personally identifiable information (PII) metrics. We maintain extensive monitoring and logging of all network, system, and application events. Additionally, SoundCommerce engages a third party to perform annual penetration tests on its applications and infrastructure to independently verify our commitment to the highest level of security practices.

Secure Infrastructure

The SoundCommerce platform leverages Google Cloud Platform, which provides trusted, and secure, cloud infrastructure with multiple logical and physical security layers. Complete threat assessments are performed for each new product feature.

Access Controls

SoundCommerce lets you control who can access your SoundCommerce account. There are several different levels of control offered that enable you to create the best security framework for your needs. User permissions can be separated by duties with a least privilege access model, and admins can change user permissions at any time.

Security Steering Committee

SoundCommerce has an organizational commitment to security. Our Security Steering Committee consists of a cross-functional set of leaders that meet monthly to guarantee adherence to our Data Security Program. The program ensures that all of our information technology (IT) efforts are appropriately maintained to protect all the systems and data of SoundCommerce and our customers.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

SoundCommerce has a complete Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan, which is tested annually. Results of these tests are available upon request.

Responsible Disclosure Process

SoundCommerce’s Responsible Disclosure Program encourages and organizes the process of responsible reporting of potential security vulnerabilities to ensure any submitted reports are immediately investigated and followed up with the appropriate internal and/or external parties. Specific details on this program are available upon request.