SoundCommerce vs. ETL Data Onboarding Solutions

Is SoundCommerce an extract, transform and load (“ETL”) solution for data onboarding?

Is SoundCommerce an ETL data onboarding solution?


Yes, and more. SoundCommerce is powered by Reactor, a low code intelligent pipeline for onboarding data to modern cloud data warehouses, providing useful data sets and data models for AI, activation and analytics.

The Reactor low code intelligent data pipeline is built for advanced data onboarding and modeling; integrated with SoundCommerce’s comprehensive pre-built analytical data models for key retail functions like acquisition and retention marketing, merchandising and operations.

As a super powered ETL solution, Reactor ingests, maps and models data for hosting in modern data warehouses like Snowflake and Google Cloud BigQuery – making the data available for generative AI, analysis and activation in your favorite tools and applications. Technically speaking, Reactor follows an “EtLT” pattern for data onboarding, applying data labels and definitions early, and analytical modeling late in the data life cycle.