The SoundCommerce Data Platform

Shift from transactional to transformational
across your entire retail operation.

From marketing to merchandising to operations, SoundCommerce helps omnichannel brands get to profitable growth by making retail data useful—and actionable—for everyone.

SoundCommerce fills your data warehouse
with useful data models ready for analytics and activation.

Make the impossible possible
Engage and serve customers with world-class experiences while also building more profitable relationships.

See the complete picture
Measure and improve cross-channel performance by understanding revenue per quarter, profit per customer, and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Drill in deeper
Gain new views into profitability through repeat purchase propensity and order lifecycle to the doorstep.

Know what’s working, and what’s not
Measure and optimize acquisition marketing programs, including ad campaign efficiency, return on ad spend (ROAS) and lifetime value, and customer acquisition cost (CAC).

Keep bringing them back
The SoundCommerce Composable Data Platform lets you profile and activate existing customers with follow-on offers, including both the promotion and the ad campaign that delivers it.

Bring it all together
Benefit from access to all the business data that is usually missing from either standalone analytics or standalone CDPs and combine it with important non-marketing retail functions like operations and finance.

Be ready for the now, plan for the future
Wield data to help you and your teams keep track of assortments, promotions, and inventory in real time while better informing demand planning and inventory forecasting.

Shore up budgets
Where some organizations are spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars per month on paid marketing and advertising, the insights and visibility of the SoundCommerce platform help you identify how that spend impacts the bottom line and immediately course- correct where needed.

The math, the path, and the proof
The open, observable, auditable data you get from a SoundCommerce solution gives you the confidence to trust the numbers and trace the true lineage of data so you can be better prepared for conversations and questions across the C-suite.

Go low-code/no-code
Empower non-SQL-savvy users in your organization to analyze their data in dynamic ways.

Start with what already works
A cloud-first approach prevents you from buying standalone SaaS solutions that don’t talk to each other or building data pipelines and models from scratch with system integrators or data engineering teams.

Power your data with confidence
Whether you’re considering investing in a data warehouse or already have, SoundCommerce helps you establish a foundation to get the most use out of it.

Out of the box, with room to grow
A SoundCommerce solution is easy to implement and plays nicely with your existing tools so you can get started quickly while also having the ability to customize and fine-tune for your long-term needs.

Steer clear of messy workarounds
Building your own data platform and automating currently manual operations present hard choices about data that will be time-intensive to change later on and require reworking every automation path that touches data fields. SoundCommerce can make fast, accurate changes without impacting any resources on your side.

Say goodbye to schemas
There are no rigid schemas with SoundCommerce solutions, which are completely flexible, customizable, and observable from start to finish.

Stay securely in control.
Bring data into a secure data warehouse with maximum transparency and ownership of data.

Spend your IT budget elsewhere
The SoundCommerce solution lets you consolidate data vendors and avoid expensive systems integrators, and doesn’t lock you into costly contracts.

Retail Data Models_icon

Retail Data Models

Connect all your data to look at metrics across the entire shopper journey to determine success.


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Intelligent Pipeline

Get on the most efficient path to a fully transparent data pipeline that will improve retail business outcomes.