SoundCommerce Launches Reactor to Reduce the Time, Effort and Cost of AI-Ready Data

June 5, 2024 9:00 AM ET

Reactor Provides Crucial Data Sets for AI Activation and Decisioning, Onboarding Well-Defined and Modeled Data to Modern Cloud Data Warehouses at Speed and at Scale

SAN FRANCISCO-(BUSINESS WIRE)–SNOWFLAKE DATA CLOUD SUMMIT 2024 – Composable data platform provider SoundCommerce today unveiled Reactor, an intelligent data “ETLT” pipeline offering breakthrough flexibility to collect, model, analyze and activate mission-critical data in the AI era. Reactor provides fully prepped and modeled data for faster time-to-value for improved decisioning and AI outcomes, while creating cost-efficiencies to tamp down the spiraling costs of enterprise data management.

Data capabilities are crucial for organizations to fully realize the potential of generative AI and data activation to drive their business. But today many organizations are only able to leverage 20 percent of their data due to lackluster data optimization strategies. Worse yet, many are encountering exorbitant data engineering and infrastructure costs, with dim returns on these investments.  

Businesses are vastly unprepared for growing demands for AI-ready data; a recent study revealed 59% of senior IT decision makers are worried their organizations’ ability to manage data won’t meet generative AI’s demands.

Reactor automates the onboarding of clean, well-defined data modeled for generative AI, Business Intelligence (BI) analytics and activation. This supports AI-enabled decisioning without the costs, delays and disruption of traditional, disjointed data management approaches. 

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