RETAIL TOUCHPOINTS | Timing is Everything When it Comes to Useful, Governable Analytics Data

Data models and outputs (business intelligence reports, reverse ETL orchestrations, etc.) and the teams that use them often have different definitions for the same fields, calculations and KPIs. These inconsistencies can cause confusion throughout organizations and even risk disseminating incorrect metrics, driving false conclusions for key business stakeholders.

Data pipeline owners have tried to address this challenge in many different ways, most of them involving the retroactive creation of data catalogs to define and label data post-mapping and processing.

But Jared Stiff, CTO and Co-Founder at SoundCommerce, and Rachel Workman, VP of Data Strategy at SoundCommerce think there is a better way – defining semantic labels and metadata at ingest. Jared and Rachel share the key benefits of defining at ingest for data analytics practitioners and consumers in their jointly authored Retail TouchPoints Guest Post.

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