SupplyChainBrain | Can Consumer Brands and Retailers ‘Out-Amazon’

Is it possible for both established retail brands and e-commerce newcomers to beat Amazon at its own game?

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Eric Best, offers his insight on how consumer brands and retailers can use data to compete with Amazon for shoppers’ business. This article by Robert J. Bowman at SupplyChainBrain discusses how Amazon — retail’s undisputed king of e-commerce in the U.S. — has overtaken traditional brands. Most consumer brands and retailers lack the resources Amazon spent decades building, so how do they – and especially smaller merchandisers — compete?

Eric Best offers his insight into how merchandisers can get on shoppers’ radars — consumers who are inundated with purchasing options.

Read Robert J. Bowman’s full article on SupplyChainBrain here.