High-Fidelity, Persistent Data Storage and Replay

Rachel Workman, SoundCommerce’s Senior Director of Value Engineering, and Jared Stiff, SoundCommerce’s Co-Founder and CTO, address the challenges of actionable data becoming lost to time. To solve this problem, retailers need reasonable ways to ingest and store data as it is generated, regardless of whether or not it’s been defined for a specific purpose yet. Technology advances are making this possible, but going against nature doesn’t come cheap or easy. 

Organizations can avoid losing important data to history and entropy by leveraging modern cloud infrastructure and the right enterprise architectures. This new high-fidelity, persistent data storage, and replay technology can help retail brands to adopt a cost-efficient, flexible, and forward-thinking solution to their data problems.

Rachel Workman is the senior director of value engineering at SoundCommerce. She brings more than 10 years of management experience in B2B SaaS, including more than five in senior management roles. For more than 15 years, her career has focused on addressing analytics challenges, including those related to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Jared Stiff brings more than a decade of software development and analytics experience to his role as Co-Founder and CTO of SoundCommerce, where he leads a team of engineers and developers advancing SoundCommerce’s data and analytics platform. He is recognized for applying modern cloud computing to develop innovative, disruptive, and market-making technologies. Before joining SoundCommerce and launching the company’s software platform in 2017. Jared was director of engineering at CommerceHub (helping to take the company through its NASDAQ IPO in 2017); co-founder at MindCorps where he developed early production eCommerce systems for Fortune 500 companies before MindCorps sold to Amazon.com; and founder of JS Software Engineering. His technology and market expertise in software, analytics, infrastructure, and data and analytics underpins his success to effectively manage strategic initiatives and daily technology operations.