Four Operations Lessons Brands Can Learn From Amazon

Free same-day shipping.

Sunday delivery.

Delivery by Prime Air.

Sidewalk Robot… or Drone.

In the last two decades, Amazon has redefined the meaning of what it means to be a world-class retailer. In the process, they’ve set new consumer expectations in not only retail, but countless other industries.

It’s awe-inspiring — and if you’re a brand trying to scale your own direct to consumer (D2C) retail operations, most likely somewhat overwhelming. While there’s little use trying to “Out-Amazon Amazon,” there are key lessons brands and retailers can learn from Amazon’s retail operations to better position for future success. It starts and centers on delivering a superior customer experience.

My latest online orders from beloved brands that include Patagonia, Allbirds and Lululemon were not delivered particularly quickly by Amazon standards, yet my click-to-delivery experience was delightful. With each, I found differentiated product, a compelling brand story, a great online ordering experience and products that arrived when I expected them. In turn, those brands can expect me to order again (and again and again).

Delivering an experience that positively impacts customers is critical for brand success. Longer term business success also depends on having a solid grounding in unit, order and customer level economics. Amazon’s playbook offers some key principles all brands can leverage to enhance their retail operations to deliver their own version of an exceptional customer experience.

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