Data Unified.
Decisions Aligned.
Shoppers Delighted.

Is your entire organization aligned on common customer, operational, and unit KPIs?

SoundCommerce enables real-time and predictive decisions based on accurate customer LTV and unit economics (true contribution profit) across departments, systems, partners, and geographies.

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Shareholder and Executive Insights

Your brand is growing! So is your business complexity. 

With SoundCommerce, drive intraday omnichannel performance to plan. Identify profit drivers and detractors. Benchmark customer LTV and the operational and marketing events that impact customer engagement — to automate decisions that create shareholder value.

Marketing Performance

Which digital marketing channels drive or decrease contribution margin per unique customer, order, product SKU, inventory unit and shipment?

Which channels acquire repeat purchasers that drive maximum customer lifetime value? Is this customer worth the cost to acquire, retain and serve?
More powerful.

SoundCommerce frames ROAS through the lense of shopper LTV and order-specific contribution margin so you know exactly how much to spend, and where to allocate marketing dollars to maximize long-term customer equity.

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Fulfillment Operations

How do doorstep delivery latency and experience correlate with customer retention, engagement, and churn? Where should you stage inventory to minimize delivery cost and time?

When inventory and shipping exceptions occur, is customer value incorporated into your automated responses?

SoundCommerce tracks real-time fulfillment events alongside order profitability and customer LTV to inform predictive and on-the-fly decisions regarding what to source, how to route, and what to do when things go wrong.

Merchandising and Planning

Which first-purchase product SKUs drive the greatest customer lifetime value? 

What and where will your highest value customers buy next?

Which promotions and discounts drive the greatest incremental margin and LTV?

SoundCommerce aligns your product assortment and merchandising promotions with customer lifetime value and unit economics to drive long-term ROI on your product assortment and merchandising calendar.

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Financial Performance

Every channel, customer, order, shipment, and inventory unit has unique profit potential. This potential is fluid, changing moment to moment and with every transaction.

If you’re still relying on the monthly close, a general ledger and FP&A process to optimize profit, you’re running the business through the rearview mirror. To maximize profit in real-time you need real-time and predictive technology.

Top-down averages obscure key profit drivers and detractors. To maximize profit and customer LTV on the fly requires real-time cost accounting for every product, unit, order, and customer event.

SoundCommerce tracks actual costs at the unit and event level to drive contribution margin and customer LTV as orders flow and shipments process.

SoundCommerce helps you invest incremental dollars where they count — for immediate profit return and long-term equity gain.