Operations Drive Customer Experience.

You’ve acquired the shopper. Now it’s time to deliver on your brand promise.

Take control of your conversion readiness and post-conversion experience to surprise and delight every customer every time.

Unify your omnichannel data and connect it anywhere to improve operations performance, enhance analytics, and transform the customer experience.

SoundCommerce Collect Data.png

Collect Data

Gather and store real-time operations data from everywhere.

Track customers, sales and purchase orders, shipments and inventory as events happen across systems, business functions, partners, and geographies.

SoundCommerce gathers customer, order, PO, shipment, product, and inventory data from SaaS platforms, cloud services, backend systems, partners and service providers through pre-built and open connectors.

Activate native data connections in minutes. Permanently store operational events for future reference, eliminating source API dependencies, load and latency.

SoundCommerce Host and Model Data.png

Host and Model Data

Measure value and make decisions with confidence.

It’s your data warehouse. We just build and manage it.

SoundCommerce builds a prescriptive and complete data model reflecting your unique transactional systems (order sources), product catalog (item master), fulfillment centers, inventory across locations, sales and purchase order and shipment flows, and the post-conversion customer journey.

Complicated subscription billing model? No problem. Serpentine path from conversion to doorstep? We’ve got you covered.

SoundCommerce Enhance Data.png

Enhance Data

Identify gaps in data structure, quality and content.

Operations data is a messy business. Once we’ve centralized, organized, modeled and labeled your data, it’s easy to identify missing, incomplete, and incorrect information.

Use SoundCommerce as your feedback loop to improve company-wide data quality, drive better insights, and improve customer experience.

SoundCommerce Query Data.png

Query Data

Pull product, order, shipment and customer lists and segments by attribute and real-time status changes.

Get to the raw data fast.

Direct query your data using real-time and predictive signals. You can identify late orders impacting high LTV customers, list product SKUs driving cancellations and returns, and segment high-value customers affected by inventory stockouts and slow delivery times.

SoundCommerce Visual Data.png

Visualize Data

Reveal the key drivers of revenue, profit, and LTV.

SoundCommerce includes a complete embedded business intelligence solution. Use our out-of-the-box reports to arm your executive, finance, merchandising, fulfillment operations, production, supply chain and customer service teams with actionable insights. Extend our BI views with your custom reports or connect your own favorite BI tool directly to SoundCommerce.

Measure granular unit economics as orders flow, including order contribution margin and profit net of variable marketing and fulfillment expense, and the lifetime equity (profitability) of each unique customer.

SoundCommerce Connect Data.png

Connect Data

Push unified, modeled data to native systems and trading partners.

SoundCommerce can transform and orchestrate your unified, organized, modeled, and labeled data to any system and partner. Extend the information available to employees within the native tools you use today. Push new data to key trading partners to optimize service levels and workflows.

You might append a unique customer attribute to a warehouse pick list, or label a product SKU with a demand score for a specific customer segment.

Apply unified, dimensioned data — processed in milliseconds — anywhere you need it.