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With SoundCommerce, Eberjey addresses acquisition and retention marketing, merchandising, and operations — all in a system designed for future-proof interoperability with the modern data stack, and open observability for IT and data teams.


Lifestyle brand Eberjey is known for luxury sleepwear, lounge and daywear for the softer side of life. For more than 25 years, Eberjey has created a space where you can feel truly yourself – a state of mind where the outside world fades and your inner voice reigns.

Eberjey operates a dynamic, high-growth omnichannel business with a modern eCommerce storefront (, retail stores in major metro markets like New York and Newport Beach, and seasonal pop-up stores in fashionable spots like the Hamptons.

During Covid, the brand’s eCommerce business exploded. Post-Covid, digital growth continues while stores have recovered and grown. A key challenge for every consumer brand today is finding ways to engage customers while maintaining acceptable profitability in the face of growing advertising competition and cost. It is especially important to build direct relationships – and first-party data profiles – with shoppers, to provide better experiences and reduce dependency on third-party platforms.

The challenge

With growing omnichannel complexity, Eberjey needed a holistic approach to business insights and optimization. Particularly important to leadership was a two-part profitable growth strategy. First, acquire new customers efficiently — turning a positive contribution profit on each first order; and second, understand long-term customer value and value potential to build more personalized experiences for loyal customers without compromising profitability.

As a modern brand and business, Eberjey runs on some of the most popular and capable software tooling available – Saas providers like Shopify, Klaviyo, Google Analytics, and Attentive, to name a few. The brand actively markets through earned, owned, and paid media channels like fashion industry networks, Meta (Facebook and Instagram), TikTok, Google,as well as email and SMS.

Alongside its SaaS frontend for eCommerce, Eberjey collects and handles omnichannel orders, customers, product SKUs, merchandising promotions, inventory by location, and fulfillment and delivery cycles through a combination of Point-of-Sale (POS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools. As the brand grows and omnichannel marketing and operations become more real-time and complex, Eberjey is prioritizing good data – and the insights and actions they enable – as a key source of competitive advantage.


The brand had outgrown its basic eCommerce analytics approach, lacked unified data infrastructure to unlock shopper awareness and activation, and needed extensible cloud data infrastructure to measure and optimize the entire business end-to-end.

“SoundCommerce helps Eberjey unify and model data across our entire business footprint, to better understand our customers and to act on our data. SoundCommerce ensures good data and useful modeling, while we own our data and open data infrastructure.”

—Dani May, VP Ecommerce at Eberjey

The solution

After evaluating and rejecting siloed point solutions for retail analytics or a customer data platform (CDP), Eberjey chose SoundCommerce to provide unified data analytics and activation spanning digital marketing and merchandising, store operations, and doorstep deliveries. 

With SoundCommerce, Eberjey addresses the specific needs of acquisition and retention marketing, merchandising, and operations teams, all in a system designed for future-proof interoperability with the modern data stack, and open observability for IT and data teams.

For Eberjey, SoundCommerce onboards cross-functional data to Snowflake, an open cloud data warehouse. Data are rendered into useful analytical models specific to key retail concerns like paid media efficiency, shopper lifetime value (CLV), order contribution profitability, operational exceptions, and fulfillment latency. 

Live on the SoundCommerce composable data platform today, Eberjey has made data its omnichannel advantage. With SoundCommerce, Eberjey:

  • Now has a “single source of truth” for granular, cross-functional data, hosted on cloud infrastructure that the brand owns and controls
  • Can utilize unified data models built from disparate data sources to gain a holistic view of the entire business
  • Derives more value from their first-party data campaigns, channel, programs and behaviors
  • Can query and segment data using approachable no-code and generative AI interfaces to answer questions and build campaigns that would otherwise require data engineering
  • Drives profitability and shopper lifetime value by acting upon clear unit economics insights for orders, customers, products and campaigns

Key results


Increase in ROAS

5+ years

Omnichannel data unified


Unique shopper profiles


Customer growth

The result: Eberjey is now growing omnichannel topline revenue by double digit percentages in 2023 on almost 25% less advertising cost, performing at an ROAS that is almost 30% higher year-over-year compared with 2022. 

In other words, Eberjey is growing faster while spending less thanks to the insights gained using SoundCommerce.

SoundCommerce gives omnichannel brands the edge they need by making retail data useful across marketing, merchandising, and operations. The result? Awesome shopper experiences and profitable growth, from first click to store and doorstep delivery.

“Eberjey is committed to serving every customer to their highest expectations and our full brand potential. The more we know about our customers and operations, the better our customer experience – and SoundCommerce helps enable that understanding.”

—Mariela Rovito, Cofounder and CEO at Eberjey