Cutting Through the Noise as a D2C First Mover


Today, the direct-to-consumer model is becoming increasingly popular, as brands across categories are getting hip to its perks — namely, direct access to customers and the data they provide, plus control over brand messaging and product, which can be sold at a lower price.

Those, like MVMT, that got in early did the dirty work in terms of navigating the business model and what flies — but the payoff has often proven worth-it in the form of consistent growth.

However, “you’re bearing the cost of reinventing the wheel,” said Eric Best, CEO and founder of brand advisory firm SoundCommerce.

“The value is acquiring the target customer and having a white space for brand development, to establish a reputation as an innovator that you can build on.”

“Brands need to be looking at [Direct to Consumer] as the path forward,” he said, of finding a niche in the direct-to-consumer space. “If not, they’re going to be disrupted and left behind by more innovative competitors.”

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Eric Best