SoundCommerce Advisory Services

SoundCommerce is a full service advisory offering brands and retailers strategic planning services, financial analysis and modeling, institutional and strategic financing, restructuring and recapitalization. Operational services include brand positioning, go-to-market strategies, merchandising and marketing, cross-channel digital engagement, inventory planning and positioning, and fulfillment and delivery optimization.

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Models, Structures, and Capitalization

Foster innovation and excellence.

SoundCommerce provides objective analysis and recommendations regarding company key performance indicators, enterprise value, structural alternatives, and market alignment with institutional and strategic sources of capital. We work with stakeholders and management to craft and fund creative go-forward plans to maximize shareholder value and return on capital.

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Strategy

Put the customer at the center.

Build a better direct relationship with your target end customers. For retailers looking to accelerate GMV growth, and for brands looking to augment the wholesale channel with direct consumer engagement, SoundCommerce offers strategic guidance and validation on approach, goals, budget, infrastructure investment, and unit economic goals.

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Digital Demand Generation

The shopper dictates the experience.

Digital retention and acquisition marketing are the most measurable and efficient ways to reach and convert shoppers. SoundCommerce helps merchants develop and execute digital-first strategies and campaigns that reach consumers on their preferred devices and channels with personalized offers that drive frequency, recency, and higher lifetime profit dollars.


Disruptive Fulfillment and Logistics

Direct-to-consumer means end-to-end reengineering.

Consumers are drawn to brands and retailers that offer the greatest selection, best user experience, and most immediate fulfillment of demand. SoundCommerce knows that profitable growth starts with competitive shipping offers derived from localized inventory and a capable network of fulfillment and delivery partners. We can help you delight customers and grow market share by exceeding industry fulfillment and delivery benchmarks.